I'm a creative web developer for hire.

I can teach you the skills that pay the bills.

  • Let me help your business

    In Japan, beginning sushi chefs need at least five years of training before they are allowed to even touch the fish that goes into sushi. Only after years of cooking rice to perfection, they are allowed to prepare sushi.

    By comparison, I've built websites and web / mobile apps professionally for over ten years now so I can definitely make you a good plate of digital sushi if you know what I mean.

    Get in touch with me if I can help you build something great online. I specialize in web design and development of high quality custom apps.

  • Let me be your mentor

    As a teacher and mentor, I share my expertise with ± 150 students yearly in university college.

    I coach them to become professional designers and developers. After more than ten years of showing beginners the ropes of web development, rest assured that I'll be able to teach you as well.

    I teach workshops on topics like web design in Sketch, building sites with HTML, CSS and Javascript, programming with PHP/Laravel, Linux server management. The works.

    Let’s talk if you, your students or employees need hands-on training!

Let's talk

I specialize in web development with Laravel/PHP, responsive web sites and apps, nodejs/MongoDB, javascript, modular css, but if that sounds like techno-tachno to you we can talk English or Dutch just fine as well. I’m based in Belgium in Lier, next to Antwerp, but I can work for you no matter where you are.