Are you a tech savvy marketeer? I'm launching a tool just for you!

Published on Jun 22, 2017

I'm currently in the process of releasing a tool I've been using myself for some time. The tool is called is geared towards online marketeers. Chances are you are looking for a marketing channel that has a high conversion rate and that is easy to manage. Web push notifications are what you are looking for.

BuzzApp itself is a marketing automation tool that you can use to easily schedule automated web push notification campaigns. Just think of it as MailChimp, but for web push campaigns.

The web is catching up with native mobile apps rather quickly and today you can send push notification to your clients, even when they don't have your website open. The possibilities are rather endless, the only thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your campaigns are timely, urgent and as personalized as possible.

Here are a couple of examples where push notifications come in really handy, just to give a few:

  • as a festival or concert promotor, you want to notify your audience about ticket sales
  • as a small business owner, you can send out a temporary discount coupon for your store
  • as a web shop owner, you can send automated reminders to complete an abandoned shopping cart
  • as a university or school, inform students that their grades are now available online

Less friction compared to email

I hate signing up for email newsletters because I never know if I'll be able to unsubscribe. Even when I unsubscribe, some spammer might keep on mailing me. 

With push notification, signing up takes just one click. That's it. One click. You don't even need to ask for an email address in order to reach your audience. This is what your users will see only once in their browsers.

Subscribing to Web Push Notifications is easy

Unsubscribing from your campaigns is just as easy. Subscribers tell their browser not to receive notifications from you anymore and you won't be able to reach them again. That's just fair. Limit the number of messages you send and make them valuable to your users so that they won't unsubscribe in the first place.

No more unopened mails in spam-folders

Email newsletters you send out often end up unread in spam-folders. Even when your campaign reaches the inbox of your user, they get so many emails that your campaign ends up being unread anyway. 

Web push notifications never end up in spam folders and engagement is likely to be much higher, given that you write compelling messages that are delivered timely to your users.

A web push message can look like this in Chrome on Mac. In the app, you are able to customize all aspects of the message, including the icon, by using an easy drag and drop interface. 

A sample web push message

Reach a tech savvy audience

If you're a bit like me, you are probably quite hesitant when it comes to subscribing to email newsletters. When subscribing and unsubscribing is just a matter of clicking a button, the barrier to subscribe to your messages is much lower than it is when asking me to leave my email address.

Because web push notifications are a rather recent addition to modern web browsers, the audience that will use them is without doubt more tech savvy than average. Don't forget that this type of audience is also very wary of spammy content so treat this marketing channel with the respect your users deserve. If you don't, unsubscribing from your messages forever is just a click away.

Want to give it a try for your marketing campaigns? is currently not available in public. I am letting a limited number of marketeers and agencies use the app to see how it fits their marketing mix. By only allowing a very limited amount of users on the app, I'm able to provide immediate feedback and support and tune the app to perfection.

Are you a Belgium-based tech-savvy marketeer or agency that wants to start sending out web push campaigns with an easy to manage tool then tweet me @GoodBytes or drop me a line and I'd be happy to set you up.

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