Getting started with web design and development? AMA!

Joris Hens

Aug 31, 2016 · 1 min read

Hi! I'm GoodBytes. Web developer, teacher and souschef.

Thanks for dropping by! I think you might like my latest app — it makes it super easy to ask your clients for web design feedback.

Now that the new college and university season is about the kick off, I'll be training guys and girls who are just getting started with web design and development. I've been teaching for ten years now and have seen most hurdles anyone has to overcome when learning to program and design apps and sites. 

I'll ask my students to send in any questions they have about web development, freelancing, getting clients, learning, programming. Each week I'll try to pick out one question that's either interesting to many of my students or that's interesting in its own way. 

So go nuts, Ask Me Anything!

Not following any of my classes or workshops? That's ok too, send me your questions using the contact form.

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