New workshop: metaverse skills for web developers [ThreeJS, AR, VR]

Published on Oct 18, 2022

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Metaverse: What and Why

The Metaverse. Neal Stephenson coined the term in his science fiction book Snow Crash in 1992 and he did a terrific job of describing what a Metaverse could look like twenty years later. I enjoyed the book and I think we're getting closer to start living with or in a Metaverse (completely or more likely partly) within the next decade.

Think about it. Ten years from now, we might not be using our clunky smartphones anymore. Instead we'll be wearing smart glasses or lenses or headsets that will project an extra layer on top of reality to do all kinds of stuff, like:

  • creating a virtual screen to watch movies on or read emails
  • showing the time and weather updates
  • giving you directions where to walk or drive

Mixing reality with a virtual layer on top is called Augmented Reality. The other extreme is going completely virtual inside another world by wearing a headset like the Oculus to immerse yourself completely in another space. This is probably not something we'll want to do 24/7 but it has advantages for activities like:

  • gaming - you'll never forget the first time you play ping pong in VR against someone on the other side of the planet, it feels almost like they're there with you in the same room
  • meetings - zoom calls just aren't cool for meetings, not saying that VR will solve the overload of meetings but if you'd want to, you could be more present
  • training - learning how to use a specific machine or even fly an airplane can be done in a realistic VR simulator

Or, we could make Duff beers fly around in our office all day!

What skills do I need to become a Metaverse developer

There's plenty to learn, but at its most basic level you should be able to create 3D experiences in one tool or another. My passion has always been the web and anything I can do within a browser. So for me, my focus is working with a framework like ThreeJS in order to create 3D solution that can run on your browser, but also in AR and even VR. The basic development principles remain the same.

This workshop is for you, if ...

  • you finally want to learn the basics of ThreeJS
  • you want to be able to create 3D applications that run in a browser
  • you want to be able to create Augmented Reality experiences
  • you want to be able to create VR experiences
  • you want to learn how to use 3D models (like Blender models) in your apps
  • you are comfortable with Javascript (required)

Where is this workshop organized?

For (max 3) individuals interested in a cosy workshop I use my home office because that's both practical and a good informal setting to have a fun half day of exploring all of the above.

If you are a team or company interested in this workshop, I'll gladly come to your office as long as you have a good working projector, wifi, power outlets and open-minded team willing to learn more about ThreeJS/AR/VR.

How much does it cost to join?

I charge a fair fee for organizing the workshop, but it depends on the number of participants, location and specific adjustments you want me to make to the "curriculum". Feel free to just reach out via email or linkedin and I'll send you a detailed price for you or your team.

The workshop take about half a day (4-6 hours) and in that time you will understand the basics of creating 3D/AR/VR application via ThreeJS. It's a nice little shortcut if you don't want to spend hours watching youtube tutorial and reading through docs and error messages in your console ;).

See you on the other side!

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